Friday, April 15, 2011

April Meeting

What a fun family activity for this month's troop meeting. As part of our "Going Green" we completed a service project. We collected lots of trash (most of it recyclable!), learnt about large compactors for cardboard and where we could go to recycle our paper, plastic and metal. Thanks Becky for planning it!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Meeting

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle (1) What a fun time! We made pencil cases, bookmarks and book covers for their notebooks out of girl scout cookie boxes!! Everyone had a smashing good time. (2) We are working on a "Going Green" project this month. Remember to keep track of every time you use your water bottle! I'll get your totals for reusing bottles and bags at next troop meeting. Project: We want to reduce the amount of plastic finding it's way into our landfill. According to various research (Clean Air Council and recycling Revolution), recycling plastic saves twice as much energy as burning it in an incinerator. It has been estimated that recycling, re-use, and composting create six to ten times as many jobs as waste incineration and landfills so each person in our troop commits to using a reusable bottle/cup for the month of March to make a difference. We will also invite at least one other person (friend, family, neighbor, etc.) to do the same. Each time a bottle/cup is reused we will track it. This will reduce the amount of plastic being thrown away. Also, each family in the troop will commit to reuse plastic bags they already have while delivering Girl Scout cookies (if needed). In addition, we will keep track each time a reusable bag is used during the month (3) We had our Awards Ceremony. Way to go girls! Everyone is doing a wonderful job of learning and trying new things. Remember that the fun badges go on the BACK of your vest/sash.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Meeting

We had a small group this time but we did TONS! Here are the things we did:
(1) Clean vs. Dirty Hands. The girls started an experiment with apples to see what happens over time. Remember.... DON'T EAT THEM! :)
(2) Mask Making
(3) Leaning about Peru and looking at pictures and souveniers
(4) Peruvian Girl Scouts/Empowering Women/Poster
(5) Marionette/Toymaking - they made some adorable llamas!
And we had a yummy snack of apples with 3 different kinds of dip.

Monday, January 10, 2011

January Meeting

Thank you Reiko for holding the meeting at your house. The girls this month:
(1) Learned the Hula. Reiko and her older daughter taught us to listen to the rhythm, move our hands like the waves and rotate our hips! What a fun time. Eileen passed out leis and was a great helper!
(2) Made smooties focusing on healthy calcium rich ingredients. We used milk, yogurt and spinich. I know the "Green Smootie" wasn't the favorite but it wasn't bad! I will include the recipies on the side bar. A special thanks to all the moms that brought their blenders. :-)
(3) Had their Cookie Meeting! Moms and girls learned about cookie sales, dates, and we got to taste test a couple of the cookies. Remember, our cookie kick-off will be on January 14th and cookie sales begin January 15th. The girls goals include selling approx. 2700 boxes to fund a troop/family BBQ and carnival, donating to the animal shelter and shipping cookies to the military for our Gift of Caring. Our 3% increase over last year would be to sell 2163 boxes. I know we can do it!! If we do we'll make "Super Troop" and other incentives.

Daisy's worked on "Friendly and Helpful".
Brownies worked on "Dancercize", "Eat Right" and "Healthy Habits".
Juniors worked on "Dance" and "Lets Get Cooking".

December Meeting

Here are the things you did in December:
(1) Troop meeting where you made Art to Wear for the Sing-N-Swap. The clips turned out so pretty! You are a very artistic group! The fruit surprise was tasty too. Hope you all enjoyed it.
(2) Sing-N-Swap. I thought our "santa" was awesome! Hope you all had fun singing, making cookies and decorating your scarfs. Ho-ho-ho!
(3) Service Project: tying blankets for the assisted living home, wraping them, delivering them and reading stories and sharing your talents with the residents. I think they loved having you there.... my contact told me that they were still talking about you after we left!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

November Meeting

The girls did TONS this month:
(1) Played a friendship game and learned more about Girl Scouting.
(2) Made Oven S'Mores with gigantic marshmellows. YUM!
(3) Weaved together yarn to make some cool scarfs/necklaces/belts. Way to go girls! Love your color combinations!
(4) Tie-Dyes shirts. I can hardly wait to take a picture of all of you wearing them. If anyone ended up with someone else's shirt, please let me know. Sorry Lauren! We'll find yours eventually. Remember to wear your artwork so we can all see how they look next troop meeting!

For the Brownies you have worked on your "Art to Wear" and "Girl Scout Ways".

For the Juniors you have worked on your "Art to Wear, Pattern -maker and Fashion Add-ons".

Monday, October 25, 2010

Super Cake Decorating

Thanks to Shelley's troop for putting on a super cake decorating event! I can't believe how wonderful everyone's cakes turned out. Unfortunately, I didn't remember to take any pictures of the cakes and then I destroyed Madison's on the way home. Sorry girls! However, I did snap a couple of pictures of you playing the games.
Hope you all had fun.