Saturday, November 6, 2010

November Meeting

The girls did TONS this month:
(1) Played a friendship game and learned more about Girl Scouting.
(2) Made Oven S'Mores with gigantic marshmellows. YUM!
(3) Weaved together yarn to make some cool scarfs/necklaces/belts. Way to go girls! Love your color combinations!
(4) Tie-Dyes shirts. I can hardly wait to take a picture of all of you wearing them. If anyone ended up with someone else's shirt, please let me know. Sorry Lauren! We'll find yours eventually. Remember to wear your artwork so we can all see how they look next troop meeting!

For the Brownies you have worked on your "Art to Wear" and "Girl Scout Ways".

For the Juniors you have worked on your "Art to Wear, Pattern -maker and Fashion Add-ons".